Easy and fast mobile check-in and ticket control for your event

Easy and fast mobile check-in and ticket control for your event

Simple. Fast. Secure. Reliable. These are the requirements for event check-in that altares GuestManager fulfills. And it does so so intuitively that your event staff can work confidently with the solution after just a few briefing minutes.

Mobile check-in

Through our new check-in app and especially in combination with our new mobile handheld ticket scanners, your check-in now even becomes mobile. Whether for crewscan, festival or congress visitors - whenever ticket checking and ticket validation is required, it is the ideal solution.

Maximum scalability

The fact that the scanners can work via WLAN, LTE or even completely offline makes the solution very easy to scale - even for events with several 100,000 visitors and spatially distributed entrance areas.

Feature highlights of the check-in app:  

  • Check-in via QR code, barcode or RFID.
  • Optional check-out
  • Easy check-in of guest groups
  • Ticket validation and revaluation
  • Ticket check-in by days or program points/slots
  • Check-in via ticket number in case of unreadable codes

Feature highlights of our ticket scanners:

  • Professional scan engine: millisecond scan even for hard-to-read codes
  • Connectivity: Strong WLAN with 2x2 mulit-channel MiMo and 4G
  • Long battery life: 8-12 hrs battery life
  • IP67 protection: Dustproof, waterproof up to 1m, dropproof up to 1,5m

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